We keep it positive here at iSmart, but that doesn’t mean there are things about online booking that we just don’t like. Below are our pet hates for booking systems out there today.

1. Lack of Branding Opportunity

Getting your name out there is becoming more and more difficult and it seems to only be getting harder. Many booking sites plaster their details and logo all over the website and emails – promoting themselves but leaving your branding in the cold. Customers can get confused with who they are making the booking with and won’t remember who you are or form a connection with your brand. When your customers perform a search whose details do you want them to see? How about when they open an email or get a SMS? It’s crucial for building your brand portfolio that you are represented clearly.

2. Inflexible Booking Options

Have you been frustrated when setting up your bookings only to hit roadblocks with the the payment options provided, or how to handle discounts or special rates? What about how to handle multiple bookings, or offer them options such as transfers, cancellations and booking histories? You want to incorporate your own processes but want the booking to remain as simple as possible for users. Our flexible options give you the power to set up manage how you take bookings.

3. Getting Lost in the Crowd

Why advertise your events with hundreds of thousands of others?  With ads and popups your customers can get confused and sidetracked – clicking away from your event never to return. A uniform and professional presentation is required to draw in bookings. With an iSmart solution your events and spaces aren’t advertised with anyone else’s and you get full control over how to present your offerings.

4. No Mobile Support

Mobile overtook the web in February 2014, so if your users can’t make bookings on their mobile then you’re already missing out. It’s surprising how many web properties still don’t have mobile ready and responsive apps.

5. Basic Reporting and Analytics

Want to get more out of your data than just who has booked? Many applications out there offer simple reporting but don’t get the core of the data that’s there. Data is valuable and helps make key decisions in finances and management. Without the right data you are making these important decisions blind. iSmart’s rich reporting features will give you an analysis on revenue, utilisation, orders and more and will help you grow your bookings.