Event and Course Booking Software

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In recent polls, more than half of training providers and meeting planners are looking to use an online booking system, now or in the future. The benefit of using iSmart Software, are that we are developing features constantly and these are being made available via global updates. The potential of online course booking software has only scratched the surface!

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Perfect for:

Training and course providers

Schools, Universities, Institutes, Associations and Academies

Companies running staff or client training courses

Appointment bookings

Anybody who needs an online 24/ 7 registration system!

Automate your repetitive administration tasks!

Attendee’s book, and pay, online in a matter of moments and you can track, report and manage information wherever you are.

Designed for both external and internal bookings, iRegister automates the process of registering attendees for training courses, events, people, classes, reservations and appointments – and is proven to increase profits for your organisation by saving you time.

iRegister is an online solution that enables your clients, staff or members to book into a course or event within your organisation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.