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Spaces lets you get back to the important things and self manages the entire booking process. From enquiry, through to notifiying caterers of orders, taking payment and sending invoices/receipts.


Spaces Benefits Include:

Saving time managing your venues, spaces, and rooms

Streamlining your booking processes

Enhancing profitability by automating repetitive tasks

Report and manage information wherever you are

Suitable for anybody who has a Space to be booked online, 24/7!

Create workflows to cut admin time

Provides great service to your customers

Book, and pay, online in a matter of moments

Spaces allows you to:

Search a host of available venues and spaces;
Add resources such as laptops, microphones and lecterns without leaving your desk;
Take payments directly in to your bank via the payment gateway;
If your event is a recurring one, such as a training course or seminar, you can even save the entire set up and ask Spaces to repeat it as often as you wish;
Report and manage bookings without stress.