With all our transactional and reminder notification services we offer the option to send emails, SMS’s or both. Many clients are unsure about what to use or in what mixture. Communicating clearly and conveniently to your customers should be one of your highest priorities.

Here is a table that helps you determine what delivery method is the best to use:

Short and ConciseSMSLast MinuteSMS
Long MessageEmailRequires Immediate AttentionSMS
Includes lots of LinksEmailEasily Retrievable Email
Includes Pictures or MapsEmailRSVPSMS
ReminderSMSGuaranteed DeliverySMS

Recently SMS has seen a big rise in popularity as it has quick and high open rates.

A combination of SMS and email can be the most rewarding. For example a SMS letting customers know quickly that payment has been received and to check their email for an invoice combines both methods that your customers will certainly find helpful. Or an email reminder 7 days before the booking with details then a 24 hour SMS alert uses the pro’s of both.

The biggest factors to consider in this decision are:

– what kind of information are you going to deliver

– the importance/urgency of the message

– the preferred method of engagement from your customers