Scaling is the ability to rapidly grow or shrink to adapt to market conditions and demand.

We here at iSmart have red-tape free solutions so you can scale quickly, efficiently and without any interference from us!

To do this we:

1. Don’t Limit The Number Of Bookings, Emails, Users etc.

We believe that you shouldn’t be inhibited by restrictions or worry about reaching a limit. You always know what you will be billed and don’t get any nasty surprises on your invoice. We also bill monthly giving you the flexible option to cancel at any time without losing out financially.

2. Integrate With Reliable Efficiency And Marketing Tools

Be ready to take your bookings to the next level but utilising our ready to go API integration’s. Always available and at no extra charge you can open up new possibilities such as email marketing and campaigns, name badge printing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), online payments and more.

3. Don’t Interrupt Your Cash Flow

It’s a common pricing structure to take a certain percentage and flag fall from each booking that gets made. On top of this money is collected and held for a certain period, earning them interest, while you wait to get paid. This can become a costly exercise and interrupts your cash flow. We integrate directly with your bank and don’t take a cut of your profits. This is crucial to a lot of smaller businesses and welcomed by large corporations who find the alternative model a nuisance and expensive.

4. Offer A Robust Cloud Model

Our own back end hardware allows us to scale with our clients. As your database and processes grow we will keep up with your demand ensuring a fast and reliable service for your customers.

5. Include Flexible Booking Options

Many clients have started of small using the application for one or two events, but have found it’s flexible nature lends itself to be used across the organisation for training, events days, appointments and more.